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12 Comments 01 October 2013

Green Bambino has a large selection of biodegradable laundry detergents and natural cleaners.  From eco-friendly home cleaners to cloth diaper safe laundry detergents and portable drying racks – we’ve got it all!

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Allens Naturally

Babee Greens Liquid Lanolin

Bouncing Woolies wool dryer balls

Charlie’s Soap

Clean Well disinfecting wipes & sprays


Eucalan No-Rinse Wool Wash

Green Concepts Cleaners

Grovia wool care

Honest Company

LooHoo wool dryer balls

Moerman drying racks & clotheslines

Rockin’ Green

Sustainable babyish wool care cubes


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12 Comments so far

  1. Katie Foote says:

    We are loving LuLu’s hardwater!

  2. Melissa Johnson says:

    Rockin’ Green, classic rock in motely clean for us :)

  3. Ashley Lee says:

    Which is the best for well water? We use Charlie’s now but fixing to move…

    • admin says:

      Several of our customers are having really great experiences with Lulu’s Glamour Wash for hard water. Well water in Oklahoma tends to be very, very hard. Charlie’s also offers a water softener/laundry booster to use with the detergent.

  4. Julie says:

    Can’t wait to try the Eucalan No-Rinse Wool Wash! Thank you for making safer & greener laundry options more available to our area!

  5. Katie says:

    Silly me dropped my container of Charlie’s in my washer today!

  6. Amy Marc-Charles says:

    We are loving our Charlie’s soap! Headed in today to get some more!

  7. Allison Robinson says:

    We love Charlie’s! My husband loves it for his uniforms!

  8. Joellen says:

    We are loving Charlie’s for our diapers. I’m anxious to finish off the other stuff I’ve been using on our clothes so we can use Charlie’s on everything!

  9. Erynne M. says:

    Is it normal to need to switch between detergents? We use Charlie’s most of the time, but I’ve noticed that after a month or two, I have to run three or four loads with RockinGreen to actually get the diapers to smell/look clean again.

  10. Liz Brandin says:

    Love love Charlie’s, especially the ingenious co Rainer that I can use one-handed while holding the baby!

  11. Anita says:

    I love the Charlies soap. It works wonders for getting that doggie smell out of the dog bedding! I use it on all our laundry!

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