Now available! Newborn Diaper Rentals

0 Comments 02 September 2016

Green Bambino is now accepting deposits for newborn diaper rentals. For more information, tap the image above or this link:

Why choose a newborn diaper rental?

Renting newborn cloth diapers can be a great option for many reasons. Here are the top reasons families ask us to rent:

  1. “We’re still on the fence about cloth diapering.”
    – Renting newborn diapers gives you the perfect opportunity to try out cloth diapering. If you love cloth diapering, great! If it’s not for you, that’s okay, too. Return your rental and you can move on.
  2. “I want to cloth diaper, but I have no idea where to start! There are too many options!”
    – Renting one of our newborn diaper packages is easy. Simply choose one of the two package options. We’ll take over from there and help you have the best cloth diapering experience possible!
  3. “What if my newborn is too little for cloth diapers?”
    – One Size cloth diapers often don’t fit well for several weeks after baby is born. Renting newborn size diapers will help make sure you get the best fit and best experience cloth diapering your new baby. 
  4. “My baby won’t wear newborn size diapers very long.”
    – Newborns do grow quickly. If you want the best fit for baby but don’t want the commitment of buying cloth diapers your baby will only wear for 2-3 months, renting is for you.
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