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Bath and Beyond

No Comments 12 January 2016

From baby’s first bath to fun outdoors, Green Bambino’s got you covered with our large selection of natural, organic, and eco-friendly bath and skincare products.

OUR SELECTION INCLUDES:  All Terrain sunblock and bug spray, Baby Comfy Nose nasal aspirator, California Baby, CJ’s, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Grandma El’s, and The Honest Company.


Bath & Organic Skin Care

Make your baby’s natural soap last longer

No Comments 10 November 2013

We used this silky soft sea sponge when our son was littler and loved it. As he grew, we thought we should switch to a big-kid washcloth. After a few weeks of using a washcloth, I noticed that we were blowing through his soap and shampoo much faster than we used to.

So I switched back to the sea sponge, which, once wet, really is silky soft. Immediately I realized that with just one pump or squirt of California Baby or Honest Company shampoo, I got a full lather. With a wash cloth, it took 3-5 pumps to get even a moderate lather, and I often had to go back for more soap halfway through his bath.

Sea Sponge

The sea sponge is sustainably harvested in the Gulf of Mexico and easy to care for. Just rinse thoroughly, squeeze out all the water and let it dry completely between uses.

$7.99 each.

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