Which rash creams are cloth diaper friendly? Why can’t I use Desitin?

Most diaper rash creams available from chain retailers are not compatible with cloth diapers. The ingredients in these rash creams (Butt Paste, Desitin and A&D are examples) will coat the fibers of your diapers, causing the diapers to repel moisture rather than absorb moisture. This leads to leaks. Some rash creams (Butt Paste) will stain your diapers, and the stains may be difficult or impossible to remove.

There are many rash creams available that are suitable for use with cloth diapers. Green Bambino carries Angel Baby Bottom Balm, California Baby, GroVia Magic Stick, Grandma El’s and Bum Bum Balm. All of these were developed specifically for use with cloth diapers or have been verified safe for use with cloth diapers.

Not only are these rash creams safe for your cloth diapers, they tend to be much better for baby’s skin. They are free of petroleum by-products and other chemicals, and allow air to flow to baby’s skin, helping to heal the diaper rash.


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