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GroVia in-store event 4/25

No Comments 15 March 2017

GroVia is hitting the road, and they are coming to Green Bambino!

Join us Tuesday, April 25 from 10-11 a.m. to welcome Holly and Andy to Oklahoma City. Learn about GroVia products, receive special, giveaways and coupons.

Cloth Diapers & Accessories, Events

Great Cloth Diaper Change

No Comments 15 March 2017

Change Starts Here

Did you know – every year in Oklahoma County, nearly 103,000,000 (that’s 103 million) dirty disposable diapers are sent to county landfills?

Change starts at home. Cloth diapering one baby most of the time he or she is in diapers can keep more than 5,000 diapers out of our landfills.

Join Green Bambino for our first Great Cloth Diaper change event and help show the world how simple cloth diapering can be.

After the change, we’ll officially launch the Green Bambino Cloth Diaper Bank! If you have diapers you’d like to donate to families in need, bring them with you to the event.

We’ll also have a Cloth Diaper Washing Q&A.

Tickets are free – you must bring your ticket with you so we can count you as a participant.



Tax-free weekend August 5-7

No Comments 18 July 2016

Oklahoma’s sales tax holiday is August 5-7. Cloth diapers, including all-in-ones, pockets, prefolds, diaper covers, & inserts, clothing & more will be tax exempt all weekend. Honest Co. disposable diapers are tax-exempt as well. Stop by and stock up on your diapering needs!

Just so you know, here’s a list of everything that’s tax exempt during the sales tax holiday (Items stocked at Green Bambino are in green):

  • Aprons, household and shop
  • Athletic supporters
  • Baby receiving blankets
  • Bathing suits and caps
  • Beach capes and coats
  • Belts and suspenders
  • Boots
  • Coats and jackets
  • Costumes
  • Diapers, children and adult, including disposable diapers
  • Ear muffs
  • Footlets
  • Formal wear
  • Garters and garter belts
  • Girdles
  • Gloves and mittens for general use
  • Hats and caps
  • Hosiery
  • Insoles for shoes
  • Lab coats
  • Neckties
  • Overshoes
  • Pantyhose
  • Rainwear
  • Rubber pants (well, they aren’t rubber, but we get the gist)
  • Sandals
  • Scarves
  • Shoes and shoe laces
  • Slippers
  • Sneakers
  • Socks and stockings
  • Steel toed shoes
  • Underwear (and training pants)
  • Uniforms, athletic and non-athletic
  • Wedding apparel

Cloth Diapers & Accessories

Diapers and more

No Comments 01 June 2016


Green Bambino carries a wide variety of reusable diapers, training pants, and diapering accessories.  New products are being added all the time, so come in to Green Bambino and see what’s new!  Can’t make it to Oklahoma City? Call us at 405-848-2330 and we’ll gladly ship your order.

OUR SELECTION INCLUDES:  Best Bottom Diapers, Blueberry, Bummis, Daddy and Co diaper bags, GroVia, Honest Company, Imagine, Logan and Lenora, OsoCozy prefolds and flats, Rumparooz, Snappi, Super Undies, Tailfeathers Diapers (Made in Oklahoma!), Thirsties, Tots Bots and Wolbybug. We also have a large rotating selection of gently used diapers.


Bottombumpers giveaway!

No Comments 03 September 2015

New Bottombumpers have arrived! All styles of diapers have changed in some way, and there are new styles to celebrate.

Enter below to win a Bottombumpers prize pack featuring three of the ALL NEW One Size Front Bumper diapers, then stop by Green Bambino to check them out in person.

Mobile? Click HERE.


Sbish wool longies in stock – $64.95 each

No Comments 21 October 2013

Looking for hard-to-find past season colors in Sustainable Babyish knit wool longies? We’ve got quite a few in stock, so here’s an update.

As of October 21, 2013, we have at least one of each of the following in stock:

XS: Berry, Gold, Mocha
Small: Bark, Bing, Galinka, Isle Royale, Ister, Malta, Peacoat, Squash
Medium: Bing, Ister, Wine
M/L: Bark, Bloom, Galinka, Giant, Isle Royale, Ister, Otter, Shadow, Squash, Wine, Wolf
Large: Air Blue, Aster, Bark, Bloom, Coyote, Galinka, Gold, Isle Royale, Ister, Otter, Squash, Wine
Large Slim: Bark, Bing, Galinka, Giant, Isle Royale, Ister, Otter, Squash, Wine

Green Bambino will ship anywhere in the U.S. Flat rate shipping for Sustainable Babyish longies is $5.95 for one pair, $1 more for each additional pair (thus, 3 pairs would cost $7.95 to ship). Phone orders are welcome at 405-848-2330.



soft, stretchy, durable, & ultra absorbent.

a year-round, day & night essential for cloth diapering.

sustainablebabyish longies are made from öeko-tex certified wool yarns and are double-layer knit, making them breathable, soft, and comfortable–perfect for cloth diapered children from newborns to toddlers. sustainablebabyish knit wool longies work well with one-size diapers, prefolds, and all sustainablebabyish fitteds, flats, and snapless-multi diapers.
content: 93% wool | 7% lycra.
care: hand wash, lanolize, lay flat to dry – do not machine wash.
öeko-tex certified wool yarns & dye, made in a socially and environmentally responsible knit house in China.

the sustainablebabyish knits line is in the one diaper-one tree program. the hang tags are made of plantable, wildflower, recycled stock – when you are done with the tag plant in potting soil or your garden, add water, & watch your flowers grow.

Laundry & Cleaning

Allen’s detergent now available

No Comments 10 September 2013

Allen’s detergent is now available at Green Bambino. This top rated cloth diaper and general laundry detergent is extremely cost effective for families with HE washing machines.


Green Bambino also carries Allen’s Stink Out. If you’ve been battling stinky diapers or stubborn odors, Stink Out is for you!


Save money and the earth…cloth diapering on a budget

No Comments 20 May 2013

Many families choose to cloth diaper their children for the cost savings. When you consider that using disposable diapers over two and a half or three years will cost approximately $3,000 to $4,000, it’s hard not to consider the cost savings cloth diapering provides.

We are often asked by curious families what’s the least amount of money needed to cloth diaper a child. We’ve run a couple of scenarios to show you just how little investment cloth diapering requires.

*Most cloth diapering families spend approximately $500 on a diaper stash. This allows for several different styles of cloth diapers, more diapers to allow for daycare, babysitters, etc., an extra wet bag and diaper pail liner and more cloth wipes.

For simplicity, we’ve used the following baselines:

  •  These scenarios include enough diapers to wash every other day. You can technically get by with just enough diapers for one day, but you’ll spend a lot more time washing and your diapers will wear out faster, possibly requiring you to purchase more diapers before your child has potty learned.
  •  We are not including the energy or detergent costs for washing diapers as these can vary greatly depending on many factors. In general, you can factor in a penny per diaper, per washload in water and electricity costs. This can be reduced by line drying regularly.
  •  Sales tax is not included in our totals.
  •  You can recoup much of your upfront cost by selling your gently used cloth diapers when you are finished with them.
  •  There are many, many ways to cloth diaper. These are just a few recommendations.

Scenario #1: Flats and covers

  • 30 birdseye flat diapers @ $1.75 each = $52.50
  • 4 Econobum One Size diaper covers @ $8.95 each = $35.80
  •  2 Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2-packs, 1 size one, 1 size 2 (for nighttime diapering) @ $9.00 each = $18.00
  •  2 15-count packs OsoCozy cloth wipes @ $11.95 each = $23.90
  •  1 Kissaluvs diaper pail liner @ $14.95
  •  1 Thirsties wet bag @ $7.95

GRAND TOTAL = $153.10

*To add some variety and color to your stash, you could substitute Sweet Pea One Size diaper covers for an extra cost of $8.00. Substituting a Sweet Pea wet bag will add $2.00.

Scenario #2: Econobum by BumGenius

  • 2 Econobum full kits (12 one size prefolds, 3 OS covers, 1 wet bag) @ $48.95 each = $97.90
  •  2 Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2-packs, 1 size one, 1 size 2 (for nighttime diapering) @ $9.00 each = $18.00
  •  2 15-count packs OsoCozy cloth wipes @ $11.95 each = $23.90
  •  1 Kissaluvs diaper pail liner @ $14.95

GRAND TOTAL = $154.75

We’ve made an effort to make budget cloth diapering realistic, so we included inserts for nighttime absorbency and more than the bare minimum number of wipes. For us, cloth diapering needs to be practical, and constantly running out of diapers or wipe or washing every few hours isn’t practical.

An added bonus of diapering with flats and prefolds is that these two styles of diapers have the longest life span of any cloth diaper. You really can diaper all of your children, your friends’ children and your grandchildren with flats or prefolds!


Decorating a baby shower with cloth

No Comments 20 March 2013

A customer recently shared photos of the baby shower decorations she created for a friend, and they were so cute we got her permission to share them with all of our fans!

The diaper cake is made from 24 infant better fit diapers, Sophie teether, and two wetbags draped over the edge.

Cloth diaper cake

Garland made from covers and wipes

What are some of your favorite ways to use cloth diapers and accessories to decorate a baby shower? Email us pictures or post them on our Facebook page if you’d like to share your ideas with our fans!


Thirsties cloth diapers – made in the USA!

No Comments 18 March 2013

We love Thirsties diapers. Not only are they a great product, but they are made in the USA! Check out this great video from the folks at Thirsties.

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