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Introducing the Clek Foonf

No Comments 21 March 2013

Green Bambino now carries Clek Foonf convertible car seats!

This amazing child restraint is the narrowest in North America and will fit 3 across in many cars, and rear-faces easily in cars like the Subaru Impreza. With a 50-lb rear-facing weight limit, your child stays in the safer RF position longer. Blue Moon and Snowberry are in stock now, with Heart Shades, Shadow and Flamingo coming soon. As with all of our seats, we have floor models you can (and should) take out to your car to test fit, and a car seat install/check is free with the purchase of a child restraint from Green Bambino.

Starts at $499.

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Taking your own container to Whole Foods

No Comments 03 August 2012

Did you know you can take your own resuable container to the salad bar at Whole Foods? No, you don’t pay for the weight of the container. To help you waste even less, we’ll walk you through the process.

First, select a cool reusable container. Green Bambino has tons! Here’s the one I took today:

When you get to Whole Foods, take your container to the customer service desk to be weighed. They’ll write the tare weight on a sticky note. The tare weight (pronounced like “tear” a piece of paper) is the weight of your container and will be subtracted from your purchase at check out. By the way, the folks at Whole Foods are super-nice, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.

Next, head over to the salad and hot food bar. It all costs the same (as of this post, $7.99 a pound), so load up with whatever looks yummy. I chose beef stew, mac & cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes and pineapple. I was hungry and my stomach got the better of me. This was way more food than I needed.

For those of you who think you can’t get enough food in a reusable container, I packed a whopping 1.36 pounds of food into my compact little ECOLunchbox.

Finally, head to a check out stand. Hand them your container(s) and the sticky note(s) with your tare weights. They’ll subtract the weight of your container, leaving you to just pay for the food inside!

FYI – this tutorial is accurate for containers weighing less than one pound. If your container weighs more than a pound, the cashier will subtract the ounces over a pound at the register, but you’ll need to go back to customer service to get the first pound refunded. Again, the folks at Whole Foods are happy to help, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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No Comments 11 November 2011

HypnoBirth® helps mothers discover the infinite possibilities in the body’s natural ability to relax by using self-hypnosis/relaxation and their natural instincts to help facilitate an easier, safer and more enjoyable birth experience with or without the presence of interventions.

The next series of Hypnobirth classes at Green Bambino begins on Tuesday, January 3 at 6 p.m. This is a 5-week series led by certified Hypnobirthing instructor Brandy Harris.

Class sizes are limited to 3-5 families per series.

For more information on classes, times and costs, call 405-326-4800 or visit WillowDoula.com/hypnobirth.

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Nicole’s best cloth diaper advice

No Comments 07 November 2011

My cloth diaper advice to others – keep an open mind and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Almost all the negative things I hear about cloth are said by people who haven’t even tried it.  I was really hesitant to try cloth diapers.   I just knew it was going to messy and gross.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I actually found it less messy — at least with cloth diapers the mess actually stays inside the diaper and you aren’t changing clothes, blankets, sheets, or having to wash the carseat liner.

When we started with cloth diapers I wanted something easy.  I was against prefolds because they seemed too complicated.  I didn’t want to be doing origami; I just wanted to diaper my kid.  While prefold diapers may not be for everyone, I have to admit I was wrong again.  It wasn’t until we started thinking about potty training that I bought a few to try.  Most of our diapers had stay-dry linings and I thought feeling wet would help my daughter with potty training.  Prefolds are super cheap, soft, wash and dry really well, and don’t have to be complicated.  I love the Better Fit Prefolds that can simply be folded in thirds and laid in a cover – no origami required.

Wool was the other category of diapers that I just didn’t think was for us.  The washing instructions seemed so intimidating and I always thought wool was itchy.  As my daughter became older, we found ourselves changing sheets a few times a week after she’d sleep her twelve hour stretch.  Many people told me how great wool was for nighttime, but I wasn’t convinced.  After changing sheets one too many times, I decided to give it a try.  The result – LOVE!  Not only is wool breathable and SOFT, it’s actually pretty easy to care for (Eucalan No-Rinse Wool Wash is great).  My daughter is now potty trained and only wears a diaper to bed.  When she gets up I just turn the wool cover inside out and let it air dry until we are ready to put it back on.  The sheets are dry and the cover only has to be washed every couple of weeks.  What could be better?

There are many options in the cloth diaper world.  My advice is simply to keep an open mind.  What works best for one person may not be the thing for you and your family, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

Coffee Talk

Missy’s best cloth diaper advice

3 Comments 17 October 2011

The best cloth diaper advice I can offer:  Prefolds and Covers! Rather than spend a lot of money on the “newborn” or “preemie” sized diapers, as cute as they are, use prefolds and covers.  Especially for newborns, it’s important to use cloth rather than disposable diapers which can be so irritating to a new one’s skin.  Then later, the newborn prefolds can be used as boosters with larger prefolds or as soakers in pocket diapers.  I find that my best night time diaper is a pocket diaper with a microfiber insert, plus a small prefold.

Second best cloth diaper advice I have: forgive yourself for using disposables occasionally.  When going on vacation, rather than pack your stash and have to use the laundromat or your host’s washer, use either the Nature Baby Care disposable diapers or the GroVia disposable inserts (which can be used in any pocket shell or cover).  Both use biodegradable corn-based products instead of petroleum, and do not use the same chemicals as the big brand disposables that are so irritating to baby’s skin.  By using cloth the rest of the time, and doing the best you can, I think it really is okay to use eco-friendly disposables where the situation warrants.


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Kite fold for flat diapers

4 Comments 02 October 2011

How-to videos

Origami fold for flat diapers

5 Comments 29 September 2011

How-to videos

Bikini Twist fold for a prefold

No Comments 16 August 2011

This fold reduces bulk between baby’s legs and adds a lot of absorbency in the middle – great for girls, but good for boys, too! For boys, scoot the twist more toward the front.

How-to videos

Tri-folding a prefold

No Comments 16 August 2011

The simplest way to use a prefold is to fold it into thirds and lay it inside a diaper cover. No pins necessary!

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